Amber Merideth

Professional and Friendly Piercing

Amber is a piercing samurai, a ninja with needles.  She will amaze you with her depth of knowledge and ability to talk virtually endlessly on the qualities of perfect piercing.  Come by and talk to her about getting yourself or your kid (within certain limits of age depending on location of piercing) adorned today.  She is more than happy to show you the best jewelry in Asheville!

Adornment with style

Come by the shop or contact us to learn more about the highest quality jewelry found in the area.  

J. Powell

Stickin it with Style

J. is our newest addition to the shop, but brings years of pro experience to his profession.  He is ready to give you a great piercing experience and the highest quality jewelry to be found.

Get stabbed with grace and gentleness

Always ready at the shop to take a walk-in piercing, J is also happy to make an appointment so you know when the deal goes down.  Hit the button to give a shout-out.